Science help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

If two atoms have the same number of protons but different numbers of neutrons, they will have the same ____.

(1 point)half-life

mass number

atomic number

degree of stability

2. During beta-particle emission, a neutron splits into ____.

(1 point)a proton and an electron

two protons

two electrons

two neutrons

3. Which item best represents Dalton’s mental image of an atom?

(1 point)a cork

a candy bar with nuts

a marble

a balloon full of air

4. Which type of particle would NOT be deflected by a magnetic field?

(1 point)beta particle

alpha particle



5. The nucleus is held together by ____.

(1 point)magnetic attraction


atomic glue

the strong nuclear force

2 answers

    • John Smith
      60 votes
      1. atomic number
        2.proton and electron
      2. candy bar with nuts
      3. neutron
      4. strong nuclear force

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